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Do as the Romans do in our spectacular RASUL CABIN
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Water Therapies

Most spas offer a variety of hydrotherapy treatments. Hydrotherapy uses water to treat stress and tension. Hydrotherapies use both hot and cold water to either relax or invigorate the body. While warm water soothes and relaxes the body, cold water stimulates. Tense muscles and anxiety respond well to hot water, whereas fatigue and stress-related emotions respond well to refreshingly cold water.

Take a look at the therapies below to get a feel for the type of treatments we offer.

Jacuzzi The Rasul Cabin
Jacuzzi® is a trademark for a whirlpool bath with a system of underwater jets that deliver water under pressure to massage and invigorate the body.

Jacuzzi® today is the world's most widely recognized name in jetted baths and spas. They are commonly found in residential homes, hotels and aboard cruise ships, and have become popular in high-end spas around the world, such as Santorini Premium Spa.

A mix of aromas and essences inebriates the Mind & Spirit
The Romans had this concept right! In their famous charcoal-heated spas, the ancient Romans used sophisticated thermo-hydraulic technology to channel hot water and irradiate steam and heat through the spas’ floors and walls. They knew the administration of suitable quantities of heat at various humidity levels produced surprising health benefits, as well as an overall sensation of well-being and relaxation.

Santorini Premium Spa has it right, too, featuring a spectacular RASUL cabin to create the same healthy effects in a single room. This cabin renews and perfects the ancient Roman spa ritual by developing a total-wellness concept which amplifies the good vibes discovered in ancient times.

The best part of all: the total-wellness system is phenomenal because it stimulates all five senses - hearing, smell, sight, taste and touch.
How do we accomplish this?
Hearing: Each cabin is fitted with a hi-fi stereo playing relaxing ambiance music.
Smell: A mix of aromas and essences inebriates the mind and spirit.
Sight: Optical fibers provide changing colors inside the cabin to highlight the different stages of the treatment.
Taste:The treatments are accompanied by delicious, healthy, thirst-quenching herbal teas.
Touch: Stone and other natural elements caress the body.
Simply put, this cabin is the ultimate in spa pampering!

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