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Santorini Wines & Wine Appellation

Assyrtiko - Dry White Wine
The vines are cultivated in low basket shaped crowns, close to the ground for protection from the strong winds. Coming off the sea, the nocturnal fog brings much needed water to the vines during the hot summer nights and together with the refreshing northerly winds provide excellent growing conditions for the creation of the superb Santorini wines.

The white wines from Santorini are exceptionally dry with a distinct aroma of citrus combined with hints of smoke and minerals from the volcanic soil.

The dessert wines from Santorini are called “Vinsanto,” a derivative of the name Santorini. Vinsanto can be naturally sweet or fortified and must be barrel-aged for a minimum of two years. It is distinguished by its superb velvety pallet with aromas of creme brulee, chocolate and dried apricots.

Assyrtiko Dry White Wine

Nykteri - Dry White Wine
Appellation of Origin Santorini of superior quality
Since 3,500 years ago, the Nykteri is synonymous to Santorini's famous white wines. The formula to 'instant wine making' on the night of the same day that the grapes were harvested solved the problem of the variety's sensitive aroma deterioration. The Nykteri comes from the Assyrtico, Athiri and Aidani varieties. The wine making temperature does not exceed the 18oC in order to preserve even the tenderest aromas of fermentation.
The wine is matured for 3 months at least in barrels. In this way the wine's contact with barrel's wood gives the Nykteri a special finesse.
Crystal-clear, semi-yellow wine. Dominated by the aromas of jasmine, citrus fruits, flowers and pear, all these enhanced with a gentle vanilla sense. A strong body with warm personality and a long lasting taste. It is served in 11-12oC. It is perfectly accompanied with grills and poultry as well as with local Greek dishes such as tomato meatballs and fava dip.

Nykteri Dry White Wine

Visanto - White Wine Naturally Sweet
Name of Origin of Superior Quality Santorini
Vinsanto is the most traditional wine of Santorini. The famous sightseer of the 19th century Lois Lacroix who visited Santorini describes in his 1853 book named "Ils de la Grece" the Vinsanto:

".. No dessert wine can be compared to the white Santorini Vinsanto. It is produced by grape, which is placed in the house terraces, displayed in the sun for 15 days before it goes to the wine press. After one year it becomes an exceptional sweet wine .."

VINSANTO wine is still produced in the same way. The name of the wine, VINSANTO (vino-santo: the wine of Santorini) proves wine's unique relation with the island. The uniqueness of the wine is characteristic because this natural and early stoppage of the fermentation process is succeeded with the use of indigenous yeast without the addition of alcohol.
Vinsanto is usually low in alcohol and barrel-aged for a period of years before being bottled. In the past, according to Lambert-Gocs, a blend of white Asyrtico and red Mandilaria was considered an ideal mixture.
These days the Santorini appellation insures that Vinsanto is made exclusively from Asyrtiko and Aidani.
The orange-yellow colour with intense brown sheen reminds us of a different kind of wine. It has an unusual aroma that is dominated by aging, spices, honey, raisins and the lemon flower. The traditionally sweet taste is intense but it is balanced with variety's acidity. A round velvet rich wine which tries to finesse the tongue between honey and lemon. It is served cold between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius as a dessert wine to be enjoyed alone or to accompany fruits and sweets.

Visanto White Wine Naturally Sweet

Visanto White Wine Naturally Sweet

Visanto - Vin de Liquer
Appellation of Origin Santorini of Superior Quality Vin de Liquer from Sun Dried Grapes
Vinsanto Vin De Liquer follows the traditional technique of the sun dried Vinsanto. Well matured "Assyrtico" and "Aidani" grape varieties are selected. The grapes lie under the hot August sun for 7 to 15 days. A careful break and pressing of the grapes follows and the slow fermentation process starts. The fermentation process is controlled on a daily basis.
It has an orange-red color with chestnut sheen. Dominated by the aromatic sweet spices such as clove and cinnamon and by different dried fruits such as the peach. Its sweet taste is wonderfully balanced with alcohol and acidity. In this way an adequate underlay for a healthy and robust wine is created. The honey and flavours of the sweets dominate the taste. It is served in 9oC as a dessert wine to be enjoyed alone or to accompany sweets, ice cream, pistachios, almonds, cheese and foix gras dishes.

Visanto Vin de Liquer

A less sweet version of Vinsanto
It is typically made from a combination of raisined and un-raisined grapes, or from grapes that have undergone less sun drying than in the case of those employed in Vinsanto. The wine, which has tremendous acidity, peach flavours and a lingering aftertaste of wildflower honey, spends one year in oak prior to release.
This wine has a style and a name  dating back to the Venetian occupation of the island (13th-16th centuries).
Brouska wine was traditionally dry red, white or rose comprising of appropriate combinations of the local cultivated pallet. It was held for a period of days in the pressing bins, then pressed by foot, fermented on skins and stems and barrel-aged. Although the raw style of traditional Brousko has largely been abandoned in favour of free-run must and international methods of vinification, it is still to be found on the island.

Mezzo Wine


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